Friday, April 13, 2012

Bhaskaracharya – The Crown Jewel of Mathematics and Astronomy

Bhaskaracharya - The Crown Jewel of Mathematics and Astronomy
Strongly recommended to one and all, and every Indian can feel proud off. Low cost – $2.99 only.
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This book provides insights into noteworthy contributions of Bhaskaracharya (11th Century) -Mathematico-Astronomer, to the field on Mathematics and Astronomy.
- Provides insight into the sphere of influence of Bhaskaracharya’s works in shaping the field of mathematics
- Illustrates how his works influenced or inspired several scholars to produce wonderful works.
- How Bhaskaracharya conceived differential calculus five centuries before Newton and Leibniz
Writing a book in mathematics needs the subject knowledge and considerable prowess in writing. And writing a book on mathematics in poetic form is even difficult. And writing the book of Mathematical poetry in Sanskrit, sticking to the stringent grammatical rules, chandas (meter), terse two line verses, prosody without compromising the value that needs to be stated or the facts that need to be explicitly laid out to the reader is even a mightier and challenging task.
Bhaskarcharya accomplished such a superlative effort. A great scholar in mathematics, astronomy, Sanskrit language, Vyakarana (grammar) he wrote the magnum opus work “Siddhanta Siromani” (Crown Jewel of Treatises in Mathematics and Astronomy) and “Lilavati“.
Nearly thousand years later they still continue to be some of the most popular works.

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